My Story

Pinto Thai is a tribute to my beloved grandmother.

From my earliest years, growing up in Thailand, I hold cherished memories of the Pinto lunch box my grandmother would give me every morning to take to school.  In that lunch box was delicious, nourishing home-cooked food from an era before the “convenience” of jars and tins; free from MSG, free from artificial colours and flavourings, made the old-fashioned way from fresh ingredients, and with love.

It is those memories of authentic tastes and fragrances that I’m honoured to bring back through Pinto Thai, to the historic Joo Chiat road area, with its own echoes of a bygone age; and to our recently opened concept in the modern city.


These are the tastes of Thailand which have comforted me, no matter how far from home I have travelled; memories which transport me instantly back to my childhood.

This is the experience that I am so passionate to share: freshly-made Thai food, brought to life from the pages of my grandmother’s recipe book, and presented with pride to you.



Pinto Thai Tapas

Pinto [noun: “pin-toh”] : “Pinto” is the word used in Thailand for the traditional lunch box used widely in Asia to carry tiffin meals.  Normally comprising two or three stacked tiers of containers, pinto are generally manufactured from steel or enamel, and are an attractive and functional method of carrying one’s home-made food from A to B, for a light luncheon.

Tapas [noun: “tah-pahs”] : “Tapas” is the word used (especially in Spain) for a snack or appetiser, typically served alongside wine or beer.

Pinto Thai Tapas brings a fresh, new concept of casual drinking and dining in sophisticated yet cosy surroundings, to the historic Joo Chiat road area!  

Meet friends for just a drink (or three) and sample our range of refreshing Asian craft beers, ciders and wines.  

Feeling a little hungry?  We invite you to explore our delicious Thai tapas, platters to share, and main courses, all MSG-free and lovingly prepared the home-cooked way with the finest, freshest ingredients.  


We truly look forward to welcoming you soon to Pinto.  “Prepared with passion.  Served with pride”.

East Coast Place

314 Joo Chiat Road



+65 8877 6788

Closed every

Monday, Tuesday,

and public holidays

Pinto @ Marina One

City Place


Marina One The Heart

5 Straits View



Closed every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays